If you need advice or assistance in relation to a General Power of Attorney in Italy (‘Procura Generale’) the Italian desk at Three Graces Legal can help. Our skilled team of solicitors is led by the highly experienced and respected Registered European Lawyer, Gianluigi Cassandra. Gianluigi is a fully qualified Italian lawyer (Avvocato), with authority to practice in England and Wales, by the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

Three Graces Legal are a team of highly experienced lawyers and can advise on all aspects of General Power of Attorney, as well as drafting a document that works for you and your affairs. We understand that discussing your affairs is highly personal, so we always strive to act with the strictest professionalism whilst making you feel comfortable.

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Italian power of attorney legal advice in England & Wales

A General Power of Attorney, known as ‘Procura Generale’ in Italian, allows you to give certain powers to another person to make decisions and act on your behalf. They are known as your ‘attorney’.  A General Power of Attorney gives your attorney the power to do almost anything that you could do yourself, such as sign legal documents, make purchases or manage your financial affairs.

This can be very useful where you are resident in the UK and require someone to conduct your affairs in Italy on your behalf. A General Power of Attorney can be revoked at any time, but it is essential that you consider carefully who you are to appoint.  Choosing an attorney can be difficult as you are essentially delegating the management of both your legal and financial affairs. You should choose someone you trust completely, but also a person you believe to be competent and reliable. We can discuss your options with you fully to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your choice and feel confident moving forward.

How can Three Graces Legal help?

Three Graces Legal can draft a General Power of Attorney on your behalf, taking into account your specific needs and circumstances. In order to be legally binding in Italy, your General Power of Attorney must be signed. You can do this either in Italy, or here in the UK and we will handle all of the practicalities for you. 

A General Power of Attorney is a powerful legal document, and as such, you should seek the advice of an experienced and professional legal team. Three Graces Legal can help.

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