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Court proceedings are not the only way available to resolve a commercial dispute. There is a range of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) methods that are often quicker, more flexible and less costly and disruptive than legal action. Although not compulsory, a party may be penalised for unreasonably refusing to enter into ADR. In litigation, the defaulting party can be ordered to pay the other party’s costs.

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Types of ADR

The most common methods of ADR are:


An independent third party is appointed offering advice and ensuring discussions run as smoothly as possible.


An independent adjudicator is appointed who will make a decision on the parties’ respective claims.


This method is a legal process whereby an impartial tribunal is appointed to determine an outcome.

Adjudication and arbitration are closer to the court process than mediation, as they result in a solution made by the appointed third party.

The advantages of ADR can be a lower cost than court proceedings with an earlier settlement being reached as the parties control the process. It is more private and confidential and, where important, can help preserve business relationships.

The mediation process

Mediation is the most common form of ADR. A third party is appointed to assist the parties involved to negotiate a settlement. It is essentially a facilitated discussion. The process can help the parties to understand the issues and strengths of the relative cases and manage expectations.

Mediation is undertaken on a “without prejudice” and confidential basis to encourage open discussion. It will only be binding if both parties agree.

Failure to explore mediation may result in a costly penalty in litigation.

Mediation and ADR services

At Three Graces Legal, our Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution Solicitors can advise whether mediation and other ADR methods are right for your circumstances. We can, for example, arrange a commercial mediator who will focus on the issues, manage expectations and come to an out of court settlement, which can be drawn up into a legally binding agreement.

If a resolution cannot be reached by these methods, we will evaluate whether it is worth pursuing through the court system and whether any resultant judgment could be enforced in a cost-effective manner to secure payment.

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ADR, such as commercial mediation, can play an important role in resolving disputes outside of the courts. We are experienced in using these methods to settle various types of commercial dispute, including highly complex cases. If your company needs advice on how to work through conflict with another business, please contact us today for a FREE no-obligation call, and we will explain your legal rights and options. Call us now on 0151 659 1070, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete our online enquiry form.

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