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As Commercial Debt Recovery specialists, we understand that you need quick, clear and practical advice on how to recover debt and protect your business from harm. It can be especially distressing if you have already taken formal steps to collect money owed to you but the debtor has not cooperated.

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What is a county court judgement?

A creditor can request a county court judgement when another person or company owes them money but has failed to pay it. The court will issue a county court judgement if it agrees with the creditor that the money is due.

How do I request a county court judgement?

Before applying to the court, you must write a formal letter to your debtor, called a 'letter before claim' or 'letter before action'. You will have to do this even if you have written to them previously complaining about their failure to pay you.

Your letter must include the following:

  • Your name and address
  • A summary of what has happened
  • What you want the debtor to do about it – this will usually be to pay the outstanding debt
  • How much you want them to pay
  • Documentary evidence supporting the amount owed such as invoices, purchase order documents, statement of account etc.
  • A deadline for them to reply – typically 14 days
  • Confirmation that you will start court proceedings if they do not reply

If you do not receive a reply, or if you are not satisfied with the response, you can make a claim using the claim form N1 online. You can also send this to the court in paper form.

How to serve a county court judgement

If the court issues a decision in your favour, a county court judgement will be served on the debtor by way of a claim form. The debtor can then choose to:

  • Pay the amount owed to you immediately
  • Ask for time to pay or offer to pay in instalments
  • Dispute the claim

If the debt is disputed, a hearing will be called to decide the claim unless you and the debtor agree to allow the court to determine the outcome without a hearing.

How can I enforce a county court judgement against a company?

If the debtor still does not pay after a county court judgement, there are several options open to you.  A county court bailiff can be employed to attend the debtor's premises and collect the money owed, or by seizing and selling goods. Alternatively, a further order can be applied for to enforce payment. These measures include:

  • A charging order 
  • A third-party debt order 
  • A winding up petition 
  • An information order – this forces the debtor to answer questions about their assets

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