07 November 2016

  If economic uncertainty following the Brexit vote created a nest for cyber-fraud, then Thursday’s High Court decision requiring Parliament approval to trigger Article 50 – and thus creating further uncertainty – only enhances the breeding ground. According to forensic experts, fraudsters concoct scenarios which convince senior managers and owners…

09 May 2016

Last week (4 May 2016), the final draft was finally published for the EU General Data Protection Regulations. Whilst the full 88 pages of the regulation can be found here http://ec.europa.eu/justice/data-protection/reform/files/regulation_oj_en.pdf , Aaron Pearson, Director and Solicitor, picks out the most important bits: Every organisation, both within and outside the…

11 March 2016

Aaron Pearson, Director and Solicitor at Three Graces Legal, looks at the ongoing data encryption row in the U.S. As we hurtle through the first quarter of 2016, and ever closer to the EU General Data Protection Regulations, we still find ourselves in a state of confusion as to what…

11 March 2016

How proactive are you at managing threats to your business? Perhaps you do not have the time, knowledge or personnel to implement all factors that influence their risk profile. Or, perhaps you don’t pay enough attention to what you have learned from these previous events? BUT – reducing risk SHOULD…

05 February 2016

Three Graces Legal are delighted to be partnering with InterRisk Solutions to offer services to individuals who require assistance with claiming for personal injury compensation arising out of accidents involving utility companies. This will ensure the claimant is looked after throughout the whole process, from initial consultation with InterRisk and…

07 January 2016

Now the dust has settled after Mr Osbornes Autumn statement it is clear to see that the proposed changes have raised many questions regarding the landscape of the industry moving forward. How will law firms who rely on personal injury continue? How will the issue of what is and isn’t…

07 January 2016

A company contracted to lay a pipe under a road surface was fined yesterday after a worker was hit by a passing bus. It it is usual to maintain a 0.5m safety zone as a restricted area when undertaking this kind of work. The company in question, Rebeck Communications Limited…

07 January 2016

UK Employment law is notorious for being in a constant state of development. In 2016 we are set to witness a number of key changes: 1st April 2016 sees the introduction of a compulsory National Living Wage (NLW) for all working people aged 25 and over and will be set…

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