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Legal Administration Assistant 

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Working as a Store Manager in the retail charity sector for over ten years has been extremely rewarding and has provided the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and competences whilst promoting the cause of the Charity. These include excellent organisational and analytical skills which have been very transferable to a career change to the Legal sector as an Administration Assistant.

By facilitating the smooth day to day running of the office, and dealing with any correspondence promptly, this role helps to ensure a seamless client experience. Handling phone calls, attending to the post, drafting letters and completing routine office duties all aid in facilitating this process.

Gaining more knowledge and insight into this sector will hopefully lead to a more active role in case management with additional training in the future.


I enjoy family time and raising my 2 year old son Louie. I am also a keen runner and enjoy challenging myself in 5 and 10k races.

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